3 reasons to make any night an artisan pasta night

Artisan Pasta Night 

As the world continues to make efforts to remain socially distanced, we need to start reconsidering new ways to partake in the things we’ve always loved. With uncertainty surrounding the date of your next dinner party, why not consider dialing up the level of fancy for a weekend dinner at home? 

Here are a few tips to help get you started on treating yourself and your family to a little in-home extravagance by creating your own at-home artisan pasta night. 

  1. Try Something New 

    If you were throwing a dinner party to celebrate a special occasion, it is very likely that this would not be the time you’d pull some leftovers from the freezer and start thawing them.

    You’d want to do something different for your guests. For example, try a cut of meat you would not usually make.

    Consider going to the produce section and buying a vegetable you’ve never before prepared. And definitely ditch the boxed pasta for an artisan pasta mix from our own selection. You won't regret it! 

  2. the good plates Use the Good Plates 

    We all have them. We either spent a fair amount of money on them, or they were gifted to us by someone who really appreciated them.

    Yet they sit in a closet for about 363 days per year. Now is the perfect time to put them to proper use. These pricey plates were purchased for a reason, but that reason was not to sit on a shelf. 

  3. Splurge 

    Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra where you can.

    If you consider how much you would be spending by going out to a restaurant, you will realize that spending a little extra for your artisan pasta night is still not quite as pricey as dining out tends to be. 

Preparing Your Artisan Pasta Dinner 

Take a moment to browse our artisan pasta offerings for your upcoming artisanal pasta night.

It may seem that pasta is one of the simplest foods to prepare. After all, one just simply has to know how to boil water.

Though it may seem that easy, and pasta may be very forgiving when it comes to overcooking, you will want to ensure that you are giving your artisan pasta a little more respect than its boxed counterpart.

Make sure you use the proper amount of water and reserve some of the starchy liquid for your sauce. 

Choose carefully what kind of pasta you will use, depending on the recipe and the corresponding sauce you want to serve at the table. There are many types of pasta (geometric shapes) and each retains the sauce in a different way.

For example, for a menu suitable for a guest who loves pasta with a lot of sauce, choose garganelli rather than fettuccine.

You can read more about organizing a pasta night dinner at home on Wikipedia

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