Bronze Die Cut Pasta

The Bronze Die Cut Pasta Secret

Pasta is a food loved by the young and the old alike. So, let’s get a little in-depth knowledge about our favourite food.

We are going to talk about the bronze die-cut pasta i.e the traditional version of pasta which, in fact, is one of the secrets that makes it tastier than the commercially made pasta. 

Commercial vs. Traditional Pasta Showdown

The food which was a staple of Italy is now savoured by all people around the globe. According to a 2020 survey, in America alone, 267.11 million people used packaged, commercial dry pasta. 

You might have a conception that there is only a single type of pasta! But, there are two variants of pasta. The first type being the commercially made pasta and the other one is the traditional, artisan pasta (or the bronze die-cut pasta)

These two differ from the start to end, in almost everything from the quality of ingredients used, the process of making, the drying process...till they reach your plates i.e.; in the taste as well. 

How is the process of making Bronze Die Cut Pasta different from a commercial one?

In my opinion, the whole process of making the Bronze Die Cut Pasta (oftentimes giving the final product the Italian origin suffix 'Al Bronzo' i.e. "Penne Al Bronzo", "Maniche Al Bronzo", etc...) is quite fascinating and it reminds us of that old-worldly charm. The differences reside in the approach of the following steps, otherwise common, in general, to all types of pasta: 

  • High-quality ingredients are used in it to make it healthy and delicious (especially the semolina type of flour is important). 

  • And then the ingredients are hand-mixed instead of using big industrial mixing machines.

  • Extruding Dies for Pasta Machines - Bronze vs Teflon vs PlasticAs opposed to the commercial, industrially made pasta, which uses Teflon dies for extrusion, the handmade artisan pasta craftsmen are using the bronze die plates (Italian: Trafile in Bronzo) for shaping their pasta formats.
    (a very fine article about teflon vs bronze dies here)
    This makes the surface of pasta a little coarse, which allows for more sauce to stay and absorb in the pasta when cooked, thus making it more juicy and delicious. 

  • Then the pasta is dried at a low temperature and no chemical or other procedures are used to speed up the process. 

Bronze die-cut pasta is organically ensuring high quality and flavours which puts it a cut above the commercially made pasta. 

What makes Pasta "Al Bronzo' worth trying?

There are a copious number of arguments in favour of bronze die-cut extruded pasta (drawn in bronze) but in my opinion, these three are worth mentioning;

  • The traditional appeal

The world has indeed progressed a lot and we should adhere to new ways but some things feel better in their traditional ways and certainly one of them is pasta. 
The artisan process of making pasta is slow, but it is truly an art in itself, which makes pasta a delicacy. 

  • High quality

Whenever we go for grocery, high-quality and organic ingredients are our priority.
We look for organic ingredients in every aisle, so why not switch to a high-quality, organically made pasta? That pasta that is made by skilled artisans who are equipped with ages-old knowledge and are using it into the process. 

  • The Bronze Dies 

In making the artisan pasta, a bronze die is used to cut and shape the pasta.
By using bronze dies, the surface of pasta comes out rough, coarse and porous, as opposed to commercially made pasta that has a shiny even surface.
This coarseness helps in absorbing and sticking the sauce to the pasta making it more savoury and palatable.
After all, we all want our pasta to be more juicy and wholesome. 

So go ahead and try, at least one of our own selection of Bronze Die Cut Artisan Pasta by IngiPastaArt here.
We guarantee you'll fall in love, be hooked forever, become our fans and you'll never look back to buying commercial pasta again. 

You can read more about bronze die-cut pasta extrusion here on Wikipedia

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