How are IngiPastaArt products made?


Making it starts after your order, ensuring its absolute freshness and long shelf life after.  

You can safely store it in a dry, dark/lightless environment, with no need for refrigeration for 14 days. 

However, especially pasta all'uovo (egg pasta) like this fresh pasta, even dried afterwards like we process it, since it contains egg, should be stored much safer in the refrigerator, for at least one month or more, or you can even deep-freeze it for many months.

The Pasta is widely cut into specific shapes, sometimes with ridged edges, with the pasta machine cutter and for some processes also manually cut.  

After that all our Pasta is naturally dried in air flows, for one, two, or even three days, until the perfect product is obtained, using wooden pasta drying stands traditionally made in Italy.  

All the naturally predried pasta, like ours, can be prepared 'al dente', which gives it a specific texture with a more firm 'bite' to it, when properly cooked. 


Once dried, a minimum 450g/16oz quantity of the product is weighed, packed in cardboard food boxes or paper bags, then labeled and readied to ship.

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